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We believe in the evolution of hospitality. We believe in thinking outside the box for new solutions. Above all, we believe in adding value, not cost.

Tablebook.Me offers a flexible telephone reservations solution that will increase revenues, save you money, keep your customers happy and make your staff more productive.


(Who) We Are

Tablebook.Me was founded by two diners, who became frustrated by the time, energy and patience required to book a table by phone. We are the first CTRM (Central Telephone Reservations Management) service that is dedicated to the hospitality sector. Since it’s inception in 2010, our team have handled more than 800,000 reservations & continue to deliver a flawless service solution to the UK’s finest restaurants. We are a small and lively team based in Hertfordshire, UK. To find out more about our key people and staff click here. To see what our clients are saying about our service click here.

We are here to add value. We are building a revolution in service, we are changing perspectives.


Tablebook.Me provides an effective telephone answering service & strategic management of your reservation book (CTRM). Our technology ensures the service is switched on automatically, only when you need it.

tablebook.Me provides bespoke IVR (interactive voice menus) to ensure your calls are routed correctly. This ensures TableBook.Me handles only reservation calls and your staff or suppliers can still contact the restaurant directly with ease.

Our technology allows us to identify your VIP customers before we even pick up the phone. This ensures a highly personalised and efficient reservations service.

Our technology measures and monitors all inbound call activity, enabling us to provide analytical reports detailing the number of calls and booking demand for your various shifts.

Your restaurant will be assigned a dedicated team of Reservationists. Our people are highly skilled in handling telephone reservations and strategic management of your book.

(WHAT) We Do

Never Miss A Call Again

Missed calls = Missed Revenues. The average call yields 2.9 covers. If your average spend per head is £20, each daily missed call is costing you £60. Our service typically costs less per hour than a national minimum wage employee.

Strategic Reservations Management

Tablebook.Me uses the most sophisticated technology and practices to monitor and measure every aspect of customer calls. This allows us to build a robust booking strategy, ensuring maximum optimisation of your available seating, creating an increase in covers which goes straight to your bottom line.

Look After Your Data

Tablebook.Me ensures your customer’s details are gathered correctly, every time, and their information recorded exactly. Furthermore, we record all our calls, so the occasional human error can be rectified quickly.

Our research indicates that the average Restaurant database has a 48% margin of error in customer contact info and an average 63% of records are missing email addresses.

Look After Your Customers

Tablebook.Me has developed VIP personalisation to ensure we can identify your regular diners and their exacting needs before we even answer the phone.

Quality Control

As reservation services are our core business, we work hard to retain our clients by ensuring the strictest quality control at all times. All our calls are recorded and monitored, and our reservationists adhere to stringent codes of practice, ensuring your customers receive nothing but the most friendly and professional service.

Up Selling & Cross Selling

If you own a group or chain of Restaurants, we can ensure effective cross selling into each outlet when the other is fully booked. In addition, we can inform diners about special menus, wine offers and other sales that you may wish to market from time to time. All our staff are highly trained to ensure a booking is always made whenever possible.

Save On Your Staff Bills

Many restaurants hire staff to cover their phones when the restaurant is closed, and there is little else for them to do. Tablebook.Me typically costs less per hour than minimum wage. In addition, we never take sick days, holidays or leave without notice, we are here 362 days a year!